Friday, September 4, 2009

Book/blog stats for August 2009

August was my best month yet for reading and my worst ever for reviewing: I read 12 books and didn’t review a single one. The books I read were:
Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris
Her Fork in the Road: Women Celebrate Food and Travel edited by Lisa Bach
Chiggers by Hope Larson
The Plain Janes by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg
Skim by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki
Salamander Dream by Hope Larson
American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel
We Are on Our Own by Miriam Katin
Ethel & Ernest by Raymond Briggs
Learning to Swim by Clare Chambers
The Likeness by Tana French

My sister Brogan guest posted her second review (click on link for review):
Hands of My Father: A Hearing Boy, His Deaf Parents, and the Language of Love by Myron Uhlberg

If you missed any of my “similar covers” posts this month, they were:
Gone to soldiers again
The grass is always green(er)
Flower with fish hooks
Closeups of women’s faces

A few blog stats:

Increase in number of unique visitors (compared to July): -14%

Top viewed post: The Impostor’s Daughter: A True Memoir by Laurie Sandell (a review)

Number of books acquired: 11


  1. I love Raymond Briggs! You're the first person I've seen to read him also!

    I haven't read any of the Sookie Stackhouse yet but am dying to, so to speak!

  2. I've been in a bit of a slump writing reviews too. I'm reading a bunch, but not finding too much to say I guess...

  3. Well with all the reading you did I can see why you didn't have much time to write the reviews!

  4. You did have a great month. I've only heard of The Likeness, from those you listed. Have a great Set. too!

  5. rhapsody, I thought Briggs's book was really sweet. Have you read others by him? The Charlaine Harris book is actually not part of the Sookie Stackhouse series (it's a Harper Connelly mystery), but I really enjoyed it too!

    Melissa, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one, although I'm feeling a bit panicked about all the books I need/want to review...

    Jo-Jo, yeah, vacation was conducive to reading but not so much to reviewing!

    Thanks, Diane!

  6. Avis you had a great reading month. I know what you mean about reviews. AGH i think we need to clone ourselves and get someone else to do the writting.

    See you next Sunday (13th)

  7. You could always do a mini-review of them at one time. I loved most of the books in your list!!!

  8. That is an impressive list! Of those books you mention I've only read Fun Home & thought it was excellent. I would love to read your thoughts on Her Fork in the Road (it sounds interesting & is now on my to read list). Maybe you'll treat your readers with a review later?:)


  9. I just read a short excerpt from Fun Home and now I'd like to read the rest. I'd love to hear what you thought!

  10. Hey, at least you were reading, right? You wouldn't even have a book blog without the love of reading, so that's most important. :)

    Diary of an Eccentric

  11. You were just too busy reading to write reviews :)

    That happens to me all the time. Ah well, hopefully you'll get back on track with your reviews this month!