Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blue notebook, red book... + another skirt cover

Since The Blue Notebook by James A. Levine is coming out next week and has been all over the blogosphere, I was pretty surprised to find a exact lookalike cover for it. The Book of Murder by Guillermo Martínez (its original title in Spanish is La Muerte Lenta de Luciana B.), came out in this paperback edition earlier this year in March (according to

The Blue Notebook by James A. LevineThe Book of Murder by Guillermo Martinez

Remember those six skirt covers? Well now there are seven! I found one more: A Village Affair by Joanna Trollope. (Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz is one of the original six.)

A Village Affair by Joanna TrollopeDeadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz


  1. Wow, that's a shocker, about the Blue Notebook thing!

  2. Guess they're hiring the same company to make their cover designs. No copyright?

  3. Oh I do like the red/blue covers - but at first I thought they were by the same author!

    That is odd!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I do appreciate it.

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  4. I am always surprised at this feature Avis. I wonder how they can use the same cover over and over again?

  5. You and Alea have the sharpest eyes! I love seeing these, but don't think I'd ever catch them.

  6. That's pretty amazing and'd think each book could have a cover that is original to each one.

  7. With all the notebooks running around that just seems so lazy on someone's part.

  8. wow that is really weird. BTW. I enjoyed The Blue Notebook a lot (painful subject though).

  9. wow, some great similar covers. the blue notebook one is so striking!

  10. I don't know why, but for some reason that duplicated cover they used for The Blue Notebook just completely negated my feelings about that book, LOL. I don't know why a cover should do that, but it just cheapens the whole thing to me. Grrrrrr.

  11. The more of these you find and bring to my attention, the angrier I get at publishers. And at readers (thus including myself), for not demanding higher standards.

  12. Wow! That's more than "look-alike" books! It's sad that they didn't try to modify the image a little except for the background color. For a fraction of second, I thought it was a sequel or another edition of the same book! Same thing goes for the skirt. It's a little repetitive!

    I think if I ever publish a book, I'll try to have one of my own pictures for the cover... this way, someone may have something similar, but not exactly the same! Or I could draw it - who knows, stick figures have their own charm! :P

  13. Rhapsodyinbooks, I agree, I was a bit shocked when I found the lookalike!

    Book Bird Dog, my understanding is that they're using stock images, which means the images can be sold over and over again. I would guess that this is an unfortunate coincidence rather than a case of the same designer being used.

    Sassy, no worries about being late commenting; as you can see, I'm even later in commenting back!

    Cindy, the issue is that they use stock photos. So anybody else can buy the rights to use them too, at any time!

    Thanks, Kathy!

    That's what I always thought too, Staci. And when your cover is one of half a dozen with the same cover, it's even sadder!

    Nicole, I can't imagine whoever designed either of those first two books would be very happy about this!

    Diane, I must admit I avoided The Blue Notebook because it sounded too heavy for my liking.

    Marie, I agree that the cover is really striking, which is why I was pretty surprised to find it had already been used for another book!

    Michele, I know what you mean, although keep in mind that it's not the author's fault!

    Oh dear, that wasn't exactly my intention, Anonymous Child! Although I do agree that this is not a desirable phenomenon.

    Kay, the one consolation is that the first two books are not both sold to the same market with those covers, so there's less likely to be any confusion. (But the skirt one is really too repetitive, especially since it's a pretty generic-looking cover to begin with!)