Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Similar Covers: Bird’s Nests

Here are three four similar covers that all feature bird’s nests and a blueish-green/brown colour scheme: Bird in Hand by Christina Baker Kline, Family Ties by Danielle Steel and Dangerous Neighbors by Beth Kephart.

Family Ties by Danielle SteelBird in Hand by Christina Baker Kline
Family Ties by Danielle SteelDangerous Neighbors by Beth Kephart

I also forgot to mention in my “Bloggiesta Accomplishments” post that I’ve updated three of my “similar covers” posts:

Edited to add:

I added a second cover for Family Ties above, which I found while trying to answer Jenny’s question. If I’m not mistaken, this new cover (top left) is the UK version while the second one is the U.S. cover. Family Ties comes out later this month. Bird in Hand came out in 2009, while Dangerous Neighbors will be available in August 2010.


  1. These book covers are all so pretty. Each different, yet similar.
    How did you happen to run across and notice them all?

  2. But that's not a bird in hand. And therefore, I cannot help being all, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Clearly the egg here.

  3. is that a US cover for the Danielle steele book?

  4. I like that you have posts on similar book covers. It's funny when that happens, especially if they're released around the same time. :)

  5. Honestly, Madigan, I don't remember! I have an ARC of Dangerous Neighbors and I can only presume that I saw the other two covers on blogs...

    J.T., you're totally right -- and I'm a bit slow because it took me a second to figure out what you were talking about!

    Jenny, thanks for asking that question! I've now updated my post with the UK cover as well, since it's slightly different (more similar to Bird in Hand). You were right, the first cover I posted is the US one.

    Lenore, me too, although I've messed it up a bit by adding the second Steel cover!

    Samantha, thanks for commenting on my blog! It's totally weird how similar some covers are, and yet I can only assume that most of the time it's a coincidence (except for those covers that obviously are intentional lookalikes of big sellers like Twilight).

  6. There's something about birds nests that I find so beautiful. If I were to choose a book based on it's cover, I would definitely be drawn to one of these.

  7. We've been finding birds eggs this color all over the ground lately so this is a timely post!