Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Similar Covers: Corsets (Again)

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog in the last few months (let’s not even talk about how long it’s been since I’ve posted a book review I actually wrote), but I can’t let a week go by without posting another set of lookalike covers (or three).

Here’s the latest batch then, all of which feature a woman in a corset from the back...

The first set: Taboo by Jess Michaels aka Jenna Petersen (HarperCollins, Apr 2009) and Trades of the Flesh by Faye L. Booth (Macmillan, Sep 2009).

The second set (which is my favourite): The Subjection of Women by John Stuart Mill, Wild Girls: Paris, Sappho, and Art – The Lives and Loves of Natalie Barney and Romaine Brooks by Diane Souhami (Orion Books, 2004), Wildthorn by Jane Eagland (Macmillan, 2009) and Bokbindersken (the Norwegian translation of The Journal of Dora Damage) by Belinda Starling (Cappelen Damm, 2010).

Finally, for those of you who have been following my “similar covers” posts for a while, a familiar set (with two new covers): Fever-Hot Dreams by Jaci Burton, Sherri L. King and Samantha Winston (Ellora’s Cave, 2007), Mistress by Leda Swann (HarperCollins, Feb 2008), Private Places by Robin Schone, Claudia Dain, Allyson James and Shiloh Walker (Penguin, Aug 2008), and The Scandal of the Season by Sophie Gee (Simon & Schuster, Aug 2008). Two of these covers appeared in my Seeing Double! post in 2009.

It’s funny because, although all these covers are very similar, only the middle three four appeal to me, which I attribute to the fact that those books sound more like something I’d actually read (the others don’t). I think the cover for Bokbindersken is particularly beautiful (the small image I’ve uploaded in this post doesn’t do it justice). What do you think?

Edited to add:

I added Wildthorn to the second set. I wasn’t sure it was the same image, but when you put it next to the others, it’s pretty obvious that it is!


  1. You wouldn't want to read Fever-Hot Dreams? lol I'm not crazy about any of the covers.

  2. I've never seen any of these before and none of them would make me want to pick up the book. Probably because I don't frequent the romance section.

  3. If nothing else, this just makes me think that corsets look really really uncomfortable!

  4. I have to agree with Jenners--I'm not a big fan of corsets!!

  5. Only the middle four appeal to me as well. I really liked Wildthorn. I wouldn't read any of the romance books.

  6. I just happened upon your Similar Covers page and was intrigued. This is hilarious that these books are mimicking each other either on purpose or because they all share the same small budgets and can't buy original photography. It looks liked they've visited Big Stock Photo! The corsets are not just similar they are the same! On your pairings, the art directors have just photoshopped the color, cropped them differently.
    Ditto with the blue butterfly! What fun; better than Jay Leno's signs. I'll be back. I'm kind of new to the blog world, my blog is about movies based on books. I would love you to visit!