Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Similar Covers: Hair

In my “similar covers” post last week, I mentioned that I’d come across a copycat cover that was part of a series of such covers. Here are eight (!) book covers that feature the same image, along with a BMW ad...

The books are (with pub dates from Amazon, if available):
The BMW ad is in Spanish and was created in 2001, according to the BMW site.

I’m not sure why this image is so popular—the only covers I kinda like are Awake and Beyond Tuesday Morning (which also happen to be the two covers that show more of the girl’s back).

*You may remember that I featured a different cover of this book last week.


  1. You would have at least thought that the hair would blow to the right in a few of these!

  2. Wow, I can't believe how many covers have the same images. I'd hate to be the author of one of those type of copycat covers...just b/c it makes it less unique to your book, and that's not fair.


  3. Wow, that cover is popular. I also like Beyond Tuesday Morning the best.

  4. There are definitely some cover images - like this one, and the whole "bare feet in water" theme, that need to be discontinued!

  5. I repeat this is one of the best features out there in the book blogging world. I love this feature of your Avis.