Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Really Random Tuesday: More Bookstore Pics, Saving Up for BEA 2012 and Giveaway Winner!

I have a couple of fairly random photos to share with you this week, both taken in bookstores during my recent trip to Vermont. (Click on them to enlarge.) The first is of me on the staircase leading up to the children’s section in the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester:

Me inside the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, VT

The second is of a beautiful tabletop inside the Briggs Carriage Bookstore in Brandon (where we stopped briefly on our way home but I didn’t buy any books):

Tabletop at Briggs Carriage Bookstore in Brandon, VT

In other news, Cindy, Tina and I have all decided to start saving money for our Book Expo America trip next year. This is the piggy bank I’m using, which is actually a cow bank called Bessie (isn’t she cute? I’m going to have to fill her several times over!):

Bessie, my BEA 2012 cow bank

My ticker counter is at the very bottom of my blog; unfortunately, I couldn’t find a cow to mark my progress (they had turtles and trains and twins, but no cows, so I settled for a camel instead).

Finally, it’s time to announce the winner of my latest giveaway: Teresa from Teresa’s Reading Corner won a copy of The Pleasing Hour by Lily King. I hope we both enjoy this book (since I haven’t read it yet) and thank you to all of you who entered my giveaway!

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  1. Thanks, Marie! Are you planning to be at BEA next year?

  2. I can donate toward the Bessie Bank if you'd like ;) I have the same hopes for next year all path leads to enlightment.. BEA!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That table top is certainly a conversation starter. I imagine that's an original?

    Great idea with the cow bank; never too soon to start saving.

  4. I like your BEA 2012 plan!

    Bessie's a cutie...and just think how disappointed she'll be if you don't fill her up or if you try to take the money out early?!

  5. my husband and i LOVE the northshire and have been going up to manchester and the surrounding area since 1995! you probably even passed my dream house on the way to brandon--it's on route 7 north of danby and looks like something out of the addams family. i blogged about it last week, as a matter of fact! brandon is a great little town and we stayed in an inn on park street a few years back. had a yummy dinner at a local restaurant, too. vermont is our favorite nearby place to visit. good luck with bessie, by the way. from some of the posts i read, $1500 is about average for money spent on bea and bbc with travel, food, and lodging costs. yikes.

  6. You are so sweet, PK! I hope we both make it to BEA next year!

    Thanks, Leslie! Yup, I figure someone local must have painted it for them.

    Amy, I definitely won't take the money out early; however, saving enough is going to be a bit of a challenge!

    Natalie, we totally did pass your dream house (although I didn't notice it, unfortunately) -- on our way home, we drove along the 7 all the way from Manchester to Burlington. I've fallen in love with Vermont and definitely want to go back. (And the Northshire is a fantastic bookstore!) Thanks for the encouragement re: BEA 2012 -- I'm aiming to save at least that much (although I don't know how plausible that really is!).

  7. Avis, I just discovered this Random post--I will link to it tomorrow. Bessie is a cutie! (I have a cow collection, and even a cow blog.)

  8. Good luck saving for BEA 2012. I'm sure you can do it :)

  9. Thanks, Kathleen. I don't remember anymore where she came from, but I love Bessie too!

    Suko, I'm now following your cow blog! :)

    Jenny, thanks for the encouragement!

  10. "so I settled for a camel instead"

    I don't know why but that statement just cracked me up!
    I would have tried to steal Bessie when I was a teen, I had the whole cow obsession thing going on (that and New Kids on the Block - I had an interesting mix of posters on my walls!). She's quite a cute cow bank!