Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Really Random Tuesday: Snow & Kitty Pics

We have gotten so much snow here in the last two days that I just had to share some pictures. These are taken from my office at home (click to enlarge):

View from the balcony

Closeup of the two feet of snow on my balcony

This was Cairo’s response to the whole thing:

Kitty ball

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  1. What lovely snow! But Cairo has the right idea, curling up in a perfect circle on a warm surface. I will add your latest post to my RRT post. :)

  2. Yikes! So far we've only gotten about an inch. But so very cold...

  3. Not much snow here yet. Sleet storm due this afternoon (uggh). I agree with Cairo, a good time to hibernate.

    Thankfully, I have the day off and am inside cleaning my apartment.

  4. Okay, some may not like me very much but I'm jealous. We're suppose to get close to 80 degrees this weekend and that's just not Christmas-y to me.

  5. Lots of snow here in Chicago too. And it's way too early in the season for this kind of nonsense. As you may guess, I don't like living with snow. It's ok to visit but then it needs to leave.

    Love the circle of kitty, which was what I wanted to do this past weekend when I saw the snow.

  6. Cute picture of Cairo. :) During the past few days we've got lots and lots of snow here, too.


  7. Cairo has the right idea! I can't believe how much snow you guys got. They're saying the snow is heading to Alberta this week. I woke up this morning to some freezing rain - I'd rather have the snow. Stay warm and safe.

  8. I'm with Cairo!!! Looks like a great way to spend a few hours for sure!!

  9. I'm with Cairo! Well, I would be if I weren't living in sunny, California.

  10. I think Cairo is one smart kitty to curl up and sleep when it looks like that outside!

  11. How great we posted our snow pics on the same day! Your Cairo looks so much like my Ezra they could be siblings.

    Cool blog. I'm terrible at visiting blogs, but I'll subscribe and just might jump in once in a while, looks like there's lots of fun stuff here.