Monday, September 22, 2008

“I don’t think this ends the story,” says Joanne Harris

I just came across* an interview with Joanne Harris on BookPage in which she says that The Girl with No Shadow may not be the end of Vianne and Anouk’s tale. The Girl with No Shadow (read my review), which was originally published as The Lollipop Shoes in the UK, is the sequel to Chocolat, one of my all-time favourite novels.

*With thanks to Becca at Bookstack for drawing my attention to this interview. Read her review of The Girl with No Shadow.


  1. Oh, I read Lollipop Shoes when it first came out and I really liked it too. I hope she writes another, although the 'magic' parts aren't my cup of tea.
    Glad you wrote about this.

  2. The Girl With No Shadow has been on my TBR list since it appeared in BookPage a few months ago.

    I haven't read Chocolat either, but enjoyed the movie.

    The book is probably even better.

  3. Sandra, I almost didn't post this interview because it's relatively old news (from April), but then I figured that since I'd just discovered it, others might not have seen it either. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Shana, you must read Chocolat! Especially if you enjoyed the movie (although the book is actually quite different).

  5. I love Joanne Harris! Amazingly, I haven't read Chocolat (just saw the movie), but would love to. I read Holy Fools, which I really enjoyed. Five Quarters of the Orange is on my TBR pile. Thanks for reminding my of an author I need to return to.

  6. iubookgirl, I will repeat what I said to Shana: You must read Chocolat! I've also read Holy Fools and enjoyed it, but Chocolat is definitely my favourite of her books so far.