Monday, September 22, 2008

BBAW wrap-up and thank you, Amy!

Although I didn’t post for the last three days of BBAW, I wanted to mention a few of the great new (to me) blogs I discovered during that week:

A Girl Walks into a Bookstore
A Reader’s Respite
At Home with Books
B&b ex libris
Book Chatter
Bookgirl’s Nightstand
In Spring it is the Dawn
No More Grumpy Bookseller
Ramya’s Bookshelf
Reading in Appalachia
She Is Too Fond of Books
Shooting Star Mags
The Library Ladder

Check them out! (These are obviously only a few of all the fabulous book blogs out there!)

I also wanted to add my voice to all the bloggers thanking Amy...

This summer, after book blogging was patronized and criticized in the mainstream media, Amy from My Friend Amy made a suggestion that we celebrate book blogging. From that idea, Book Blogger Appreciation Week was born. Many of us have participated in interviews, contests, giveaways, and through awards, but this would never have happened were it not for the dream, perseverance, planning, hard work and dedication of Amy. This has been a wonderful week and as members of the book blogging community, in one voice we want to thank Amy for all that she has done.

Amy, you are truly the Queen of Book Bloggers and we love you!

Thank you, Amy, for making BBAW such a fun experience!

Finally, my apologies to everyone who has commented on my blog in the last week. I will (hopefully this week!) get around to replying to all your lovely comments. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you’ll continue to read it!

Edited on September 23 to add:
This is embarrassing, but I just realized last night that I forgot to congratulate all the BBAW award winners! So this is me belatedly congratulating you all!


  1. Avis, I love the idea of doing a post like this, listing blogs I discovered thanks to BBAW.

    I am going to add this to my bloggy to-do list!

    Great idea!!!

  2. Thank you! I am enjoying your blog as well.

  3. Thanks, Shana. The only issue is that I know I'm missing a bunch of them! I've already added to the list since first posting it.

  4. You're welcome, Ti! Glad to hear you're reading my blog too! :)

  5. Hey, at least you posted it in the first place.

    And you can always edit!

  6. Yeah, but I just realized last night as I was falling asleep that I never mentioned the BBAW award winners anywhere!

  7. Thank you! I've discovered so many new blogs (including yours) poor feed reader is working overtime! But I love reading all of these great blogs...the best part about book blogging is the sense of community. :)

  8. Aw, thanks for the mention. I'm glad you like my blog. I enjoy yours as well.

    And Amy IS super amazing for setting this all up. :)


  9. hey.. that's a nice idea.. i have discovered some really interesting blogs thanks to BBAW..maybe i should just go and get a list of blogs together!:)

  10. I added an addendum to this post (eek!) and also added a few more blogs including yours, Ramya.

    I know what you mean, Michele, about your reader working overtime! I've got nearly 300 unread messages in mine...

    Thanks, Lauren, glad to hear you enjoy my blog too!

    And, well, Amy is the best!