Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blackout Read-along: Week 4 (Pages 379-491) &
All Clear Read-along in August!

For all of you who are participating in the Blackout read-along that Carrie and I are hosting this month, don’t forget that this week’s final discussion is happening over on Carrie’s blog, Books and Movies. Even though I had been forewarned, I’m a bit disappointed in the ending that’s not an ending, but I’m looking forward to continuing the story in the next book, All Clear (which I just got out of the library). In the meantime, head over to Carrie’s discussion post to read her thoughts on the end (as well as mine, which I will share soon) and contribute your own!

If you’ve finished Blackout then you know we must now read All Clear, which concludes the story. Carrie and I are therefore going to be hosting the All Clear read-along from August 1 to 27.

Here’s the schedule:

August 1 to 5 (post to go up on August 6): pages 3-123 (stop when you get to the chapter headed with this quote: “Don’t leave it to others.”)

August 6 to 12 (post to go up on August 13): pages 124-300 (stop when you get to the chapter headed with this quote: “That won’t be there in the morning.”)

August 13 to 19 (post to go up on August 20): pages 301-470 (stop when you get to the chapter headed with this quote: “Just waiting, waiting, waiting till your number came up…”)

August 20 to 26 (post to go up on August 27): pages 471-641

To join us in this read-along, head over to Books and Movies and sign up using the Mr. Linky at the bottom of Carrie’s post. (Note that the dates for this read-along have been changed; we decided to spread it out over four weeks in the end, rather than six.)


  1. No one seems to be biting on the All Clear read-along!

  2. I read these earlier in the year and loved them! Happy reading!

  3. Hmmm this book seems HUGE!

    I'll keep checking to see where you're at :)

  4. I know!!! I got to the end of Blackout and was like "Whhhhaaaatttt???" All Clear really should have been titled Blackout 2. It was kind of a bummer in a way to come all that way and realize you still have 600 some pages to keep going to get to the end! I'm reading it now so I'll be popping in for the All Clear read along as well.

  5. I'm so sorry the end was a disappointment. I hope All Clear makes up for it. Enjoy the read, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  6. Glad to see we've got one more reader on board, Carrie, and maybe two if Leslie joins us too...

    Thanks, Alyce!

    Yeah, PK (Aisle B), when you consider that the two books together are really one novel, it's a pretty darn long book! (I had to do the math: the two books together total 1126 pages!)

    Jenners, yeah, this book doesn't end in any way, shape or form -- it just stops! I haven't started the next book yet, but I gotta get to it, since our first discussion post goes up in two days!

    Martha, I'm pretty sure All Clear will make up for Blackout's disappointing lack of an ending!

  7. I'm just finishing up Blackout and will be continuing with All Clear next week, but I'm a bit behind schedule now. Annoying things like real life and a business trip got in my way. If you're discussing them I'll still stop by and add my two cents.

  8. Leslie, we'll be discussing All Clear every Saturday for the next four weeks, starting tomorrow. I'm behind too, actually; I only just started All Clear today, but I plan to catch up by tomorrow! (Look for my first post sometime tomorrow during the day.)

  9. Hopefully I can catch up. If not I'll be following along behind!