Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Similar Covers: Vampire (+ Similar Titles)

Linda, who blogs at Better with Books, commented on my last “similar covers” post with a pair of lookalikes: iDrakkula by Bekka Black and Le vampire d'à côté (the French translation of The Undead Next Door) by Kerrelyn Sparks. I, of course, plugged both book covers into TinEye and found a third lookalike: Morto e spacciato (the Italian translation of Dead and Gone) by Charlaine Harris.

I can’t say that any of these covers appeal to me, but then I’m not into vampire novels...

Edited to add:

I found one more cover to go with this set, which I included above: La voz del diablo (the Spanish translation of Lasher) by Anne Rice.

Looking up Dead and Gone on LibraryThing, I noticed that this is a popular title:

The books are (pub dates according to Wikipedia or Amazon):


  1. I'm not a fan of the vampire books or their covers either.

  2. Kathy, the bloody fingers are distinctly unappealing to me, plus the guy's not even cute!

  3. We need a vampire on a book titled, Dead and Gone. :P

  4. I so don't like those covers...yucky!!

  5. The vampire thing wasn't my thing when it began and now I'm really over it. None of the covers work for me. You multiple Dead and Gone covers made me laugh because last week I got two different books in the mail both titled The Secret Keeper.

  6. When a title has been used that many times you'd think an author would want to avoid it... then again, maybe not!

    That vampire cover would probably make me avoid the book, yuck.

  7. Those three covers are hilarious! And disgusting -- I hate things dripping with blood.