Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Really Random Tuesday: Up from the Blue Launch and More Kitty Pics!

Today is the Up from the Blue E-Party in celebration of Susan Henderson’s launch of her debut novel, Up From the Blue and since the book kept me up for hours last night (I read half of it in one sitting, basically), I thought I’d share a few of my favourite quotes so far:

“I was never able to explain to my teachers how I could be sorry for biting but come right back to school and do it again. The feel of my teeth sinking into something so soft was only part of it. There was something comforting about that first yelp when I went deep, something about the crying, and the teacher shouting my name as she pulled us apart . . . I liked how everything happened the same way each time, right up to me walking home with a note pinned to my shirt that proved the things I thought had happened were the very same things my teacher thought had happened. Everything made sense.” (p. 15)*

“Sometimes Dad’s talking became like the sound at the end of a record, before you removed the needle. Fuff fuff fuff. Everyone likes to tell you the ways you’re wrong and ways you can improve yourself and what you should and shouldn’t do. Sometimes you have to tune it out or there’s nothing left of you that’s right.” (p. 117)*

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Happy launch day, Susan! (Now excuse me while I go back to my reading!)

Come back for my full review on October 22, as part of a TLC book tour.

*Note that these quotes are from an ARC and may be changed before publication.

Yesterday morning, as I lay in extended child’s pose at the end of my morning yoga routine, Cairo installed herself on the small of my back. (I had just been thinking that it would feel nice to have someone press down gently on my back!) Mr. B interrupted his yoga routine to take a few photos, but unfortunately, my camera appears to have finally given up the ghost. So in lieu of those photos, here are a few others of Cairo being very cute... (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Cairo eating catnip on her scratching post
Cairo licking up catnip on her scratching post

Cairo drinking out of a pint glass
Cairo drinking from a pint glass

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  1. Cairo looks like she's full of mischief - what was in that pint glass?

  2. Up From the Blue sounds like a book with bite (sorry, couldn't resist)! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Child's pose is my favorite way to stretch out my back.

    My cat prefers to drink from water glasses, and sometimes helps herself to a glass on the table at dinner time. Cairo is a real cutie.

    Thanks for making my Tuesday! :)

  3. What a goofy cat!!! Love it and I would so love to ship all my kitties to you!!!

    The book sounds fascinating!

  4. Suko, it took me a sec to figure out what you were referring to! (Blame it on lack of sleep last night!) I actually haven't finished reading the book -- I'll be posting a full review on October 14 as part of a TLC book tour (which I guess I should mention in my post). I so wish those pics of Cairo on my back had turned out!

    Staci, your kittens are so cute, although I don't think Mr B (who's unfortunately allergic) or Cairo (who's rather an attention hog) would be very happy with kitten company! Up from the Blue is amazing so far!

  5. Cute, cute pix. How on earth did you get Mr. B. to do yoga with you? I could never get my guy to even admit that the word yoga actually existed.

  6. How sweet! I never seem to get my animals in good poses. No cooperation ;)

    It sounds like a great book!

  7. Such a cutie! I have to practically pour whatever's in the glass to the very edge because my cat won't stick her head in a glass but she'll drive me nuts if I don't give her a sip.

  8. Believe it or not, Tina, Mr. B was the one to suggest that we do yoga every morning!

    Donna, I think I take more pictures of Cairo than of just about anything else. (So maybe she's getting used to posing?)

    Thanks, Kathleen!

    Jen, you need to take a picture of that!