Monday, April 12, 2010

Mailbox Monday (April 12)

Mailbox Monday buttonTwo more books appeared in my mailbox for review this week: My Little Red Book edited by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff (and yes, I’ve reviewed this book before, but this new edition contains some new content) from Hachette and Getting a Grip 2: Clarity, Creativity and Courage for the World We Really Want by Frances Moor Lappé from Small Planet Institute. I also received Vanessa & Virginia by Susan Sellers from Frances at Nonsuch Book.

My Little Red Book edited by Rachel Kauder NalebuffGetting a Grip 2 by Frances Moore LappéVanessa and Virginia by Susan Sellers

What did you find in your mailbox this past week? For other Mailbox Monday posts, head over to Marcia’s blog, The Printed Page.


  1. I've not heard of these titles but I hope you enjoy them!!!!

  2. i read a bit about moor lappe's book (and a few of her posts over at the huff blog).

    my mailbox was a bit empty this week but my review schedule is full so i'm not too worried.

    enjoy the reads and have a great week!

  3. You had a terrific "mailbox". I remember reading a review of My Little Red Book a while ago and it sounded interesting (and I just read your review).

    Here's my mini mailbox:

  4. Vanessa & Virginia looks interesting! I hope you enjoy it and the rest of your books.

  5. I have not heard of any of these, but I hope they are good reads.

  6. I've been waiting to see reviews on Vanessa & Virginia! I hope you enjoy your new additions!

  7. I've been meaning to read Vanessa and Virginia since it came out. I'll look forward to your review!

  8. Looking forward to your thoughts on these!

    Diary of an Eccentric