Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Familiar dresses!

Some of you will remember that my obsession with similar covers was initially triggered by three books with similar dresses on the cover. One of those books was The Honey Thief by Elizabeth Graver. Imagine my surprise when I found three other books with the exact same image on their covers! They are Relative Stranger: A Life After Death by Mary Loudon (notice the second pair of shoes instead of the honey jar); The Easter Parade by Richard Yates; and finally, Forgive Me by Amanda Eyre Ward (which is a closeup of the second dress with a different pair of shoes under it).

I also came across a lookalike for What the Living Won’t Let Go by Lorna Crozier: The Rest of Life by Mary Gordon. It’s interesting that there’s a certain similarity between the titles of these two books as well.


  1. You really are good at finding these similar cover, Avis. :-)

  2. Somebody is getting lazy in the cover department!

  3. Hello, someone sent me your way because of your fascination with similar book covers (I was already a follower) and I thought you would enjoy my post having to do with just that.

  4. You've developed quite a knack for finding these. Four of a kind-well done!

  5. ooooh, yeah I had no idea who she was talking of but I saw your post in my feed about look-a-like covers. oops ;)

  6. Well, now I will have to start looking closely at covers more. If it doesn't jump out at me I often pass it by...but now I feel challenged to find covers with dresses on them.

  7. how do you even find these? you much be a wiz with 'i spy!'. :) personally, i like 'the honey thief' cover best of all four. :)

  8. You should be a graphic artist! You've certainly got an eye for detail.

    I can't believe some of these! The actual dress no less.

  9. Wow, for those first three books, they're the EXACT same pic!

  10. Good eye! Wonder why there are so many lookalikes out there?

    Diary of an Eccentric

  11. Love these posts - who knew there were so many similar covers out there?

  12. I'm beginning to this you could offer a service to book designers and help keep them from repeating so much! You really have a knack for this.

  13. Hello my Canadian friend! I'm passing out awards:

  14. I love posts about similar covers.

    Also that Mary Gordon one is giving me nightmares about back when I read it in college--it was the book they sent the freshmen, and it was so bad!

  15. Thanks, Kathy and Wendy! I'm glad you're enjoying these posts!

    Smilingsal, I'm not sure that's true, actually. I don't think most covers are deliberately copied; I think it happens by mistake (because the publishers are using stock images).

    Jessica Marie, that's a great post! Thanks for drawing my attention to it, even though the person was actually referring to Alea's lookalike posts, not mine! I'm also a Buffy fan, by the way, although not so much of the movie.

    Thanks, Sandra! It's funny because the fourth cover looked so familiar when I first saw it, but I kept comparing it to the first dress and thinking, no, that's not the same dress. It took me way too long to realize that in fact it was the second dress!

    No worries, Jessica!

    Let me know if you find any, Bingo!

    Natalie (booklineandsinker), I collect covers on my computer, sorted by theme. (I currently have nearly 2000 covers in my collection, eek!) I agree, The Honey Thief (which is the only book I own) has the best cover!

    Ti, oh no, I would not make a good graphic artist! I may be good at spotting similar covers, but that's not the same as being good at creating new ones! (But thanks for the compliment.)

    Ladytink, I know, I was amazed, especially since I had already posted about one of those covers before (though in that case the other books I'd compared it too used similar, but not the same, images on their covers).

    Serena, yeah, it's kinda crazy how popular those dresses are!

    Anna, I think it's using stock photos that does it!

    Luanne, I know! I certainly didn't when I first posted about similar covers (which weren't using the exact same image).

    Jenners, what they need is a database of covers that would include the name of the photographer or something, to make them easier to find! (Thank you!)

    Aerin, thanks so much! I will post about the award soon!

    Sadako, glad to hear you love these posts! At the moment I'm trying to do one every week, so come back for more. Thanks for the warning about the Mary Louden book.

  16. It was the Mary Gordon one that I thought sucked--wouldn't want to paint Mary Louden with that brush--I don't know anything about her.

  17. Sorry about that, Sadako! I was looking at the first four books only when I replied to the comments (the other two didn't appear on my screen) and I just assumed you'd made a mistake. My bad!