Thursday, April 2, 2009

Awards, awards, awards!

I was awarded three different awards by five different bloggers last week! Whoo-hoo! Thank you so much to all of you!

From Sheri at Bookopolis and Cindy at Cindy’s Love of Books, the Friends Award...

From Mo at Unmainstream Mom and Alyce at At Home with Books, the Premio Dardos Award...

And last but definitely not least, Carrie at Books and Movies awarded me the Sisterhood Award...

I have already passed on the first two awards to other bloggers, so I won’t do so again, but I hereby pass on the Sisterhood Award to:

Cindy at Cindy’s Love of Books
Donna at BookBound
Tina at Bookshipper
Jen at Up Close & Personal with Lady Tink
Natalie at Book, Line and Sinker

With thanks to Amy at Passages to the Past, who inspired the layout of this post! (I had been tearing my hair out over how to incorporate the award pics into it and she provided me with the solution.)


  1. You're too funny! I'm glad I could be of help =)

    Congrats to you and all of your nominees!

  2. Amy, you have no idea how much I was stressing about the layout of this post! Thanks again!

  3. Congrats and thanks so much!

    FYI: I don't know if it was just mine or not but Google Reader hasn't been updating you for the past few days. I wasn't aware of it until you told me about the award. I had to re-subscribe.

  4. Thanks so much Avis. I think your post looks great by the way. And congratulations to you on your awards!

  5. congrats to all the winners and to you!

  6. Congratulations on all of your well deserved awards.

  7. Congrats Avis - all well deserved!

  8. I'm so sorry I haven't been around your blog for a long time. I haven't been blogging much myself, but I just wanted to drop by and say hi, wish you a good weekend and a nice Easter (if you celebrate that) and apologize for being scarce.

    I am finishing my Master thesis and this takes up most of my time. Hopefully, by the end of May, I will be able to blog more and participate more around the blogosphere.

    I am still reviewing books from time to time on my blog, but I am not really active.

    I don't expect you to come running visiting and commenting, I just wanted to let you know that I am very much alive and I miss reading and commenting on your blog very much.

    This is a personal message written to all the blogowner, whose delightful blogs I visit on a regular basis, but it has been copy/pasted. So if you find it on other blogger's blogs, that is why.

    I look very much forward to be active again - and apologize once again for not being active the past month and not being able to be active for another month or two.


  9. Congratulations on all of your awards!

  10. Congratulations on all your awards! You definitely deserve them. :-)

  11. Jen, you're welcome and thanks again for pointing out that my posts weren't going through. Luckily it was just a temporary FeedBurner glitch as I had no idea what to do about it!

    Thanks, Myckyee! I'm very glad to have gotten to meet you & Tina & Cindy!

    Thanks, Kathy, Serena, Nicole, Luanne, Alyce and Wendy!

    Louise, I'm glad to hear from you! Best of luck with the master's!