Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Teaser Tuesdays (November 11)

Should Be Reading hosts the Teaser Tuesdays weekly event.

My modified rules are as follows:

Grab your current read. Pick two or three “teaser” sentences more or less at random from the book, anywhere on the page. You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your teaser from… that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given! (Please avoid spoilers!) (Read the official Teaser Tuesday rules.)

My first teaser:

“That she lived in vaguely squalid surroundings hadn’t bothered her at the time: the clothes strewn over the end of the bed to spill onto the floor like a corpse, a tartan leg clashing with a paisley arm, the rag of a hat like a bludgeoned head. The smell of a life gone stale” (p. 58).

This is from A Likeness in Stone by Julia Wallis Martin.

My second teaser:

“It was a small cassette, not much bigger than the palm of his hand, and when Mike thought about the terrible license and risk exhibited on the tape, as well as its resultant destructive power, it was as though the two-by-three plastic package had been radioactive. Which it may as well have been, since it had produced something very like radiation sickness throughout the school, reducing the value of an Avery education, destroying at least two marriages that he knew of, ruining the future of three students, and, most horrifying of all, resulting in a death” (p. 3).

This is from Testimony by Anita Shreve.


  1. I vote for the first teaser! :)

  2. Very interesting teasers...Makes Testimony sound even more interesting to me!

  3. You picked a great teaser for Testimony!

  4. I can see you like creepy, Cheryl!

    Jo-jo and Dar, I was afraid my sentences would seem like a spoiler, except they are actually the first sentences in the book!

  5. Testimony sounds interesting.

    The Book of Lost Things started off slow but the creepiness factor has been upped now that I am half way in.

  6. I love your teaser for Testimony! I looks like such an engaging read and your teaser really makes me want to pick myself up a copy.

    A Likeness in Stone sounds good as well. I especially love the last line.

  7. Those are both great teasers. Incredible description in the first one. I recently read my first Anity Shreeve, she is an great writer.

  8. I liked the first teaser. It captivated me. I want more. I REALLY like the Nordstrom quote in your sidebar. That got my attention. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. I really want to read Testimony! I almost bought it last week at B&N, but I had entered to win it at a book blog, so I got something else. Now I wish I had gone ahead and bought it!

  10. I won Testimony in a giveaway and can't wait to read it.

  11. I vote for the first teaser too! And I also really like the Nordstrom quote!

  12. I've really been looking forward to reading Testimony. That's a great teaser!

  13. Oooh, Testimony is the next book in my TBR file. Great teaser - now I'm really excited about it.

  14. What great teasers! Testimony sounds really interesting.

  15. Wow, that first teaser is a true teaser! I don't have any idea what the book is about, but that description makes me wonder about the bed and what is on it!

    I have *Testimony* in my TBR pile ... now I really want to get to it!

  16. Great teasers! Thanks for stopping by my book club's blog.

  17. Those lines from Testimony got me hook, line, and sinker :)


  18. Mari, I must admit I didn't like Testimony as much as I thought I would (considering Anita Shreve is one of my favourite authors). Review to come soon-ish!

    Popinfresh, come back for the reviews of these two books in the next short-ish while!

    Thanks, Lisa. I agree that Anita Shreve is a great writer!

    Thanks, Margot, I'm glad you enjoyed the quote! I love visiting everybody's blogs for Teaser Tuesdays!

    Carrie, I actually had quite mixed feelings about this book in the end.

    Nise, I'd be curious to hear what you think of it.

    Betty, you're another one who goes for the creepy books, eh? I find that quote so disturbing (and yet wow, such good writing too!). I'm glad to hear you like the Nordstrom quote too.

    Lisa, Nely, Angie, Dawn, Sherry and Shana, it feels weird to say I didn't like the book as much as I'd hoped I would because I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm! I'll be keeping an eye out for all of your reviews...