Monday, October 6, 2008

Mailbox Monday (October 6)

I received lots of great books this week! First up was Tethered by Amy MacKinnon, which came to me via Read It Forward. Next, I received Testimony by Anita Shreve (one of my favourite authors), from Hachette. Then today, I got No One You Know by Michelle Richmond (a book I’ve been hearing fantastic things about), from fellow LTer Lallybroch, as well The Pages in Between: A Holocaust Legacy of Two Families, One Home by Erin Einhorn, which came to me from Jane Wesman Public Relations.

I also met up with three other book bloggers this week and exchanged books with them, scoring The Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent, which I will be guest posting about on Tina’s site, Bookshipper.

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  1. You got a lot of good reads there. I got Testimony as well and a few others. I've got The Heretic's Daughter on the shelf-I really want to find time to read it. I look forward to your review.

  2. Testimony is great!

  3. I want Testimony...pout I have Heretic's Daughter and plan to read it this month.

  4. I really want to read No One You Know. :) Enjoy your loot!

  5. I got Tethered, too.

    And I have Testimony.

    Looks like we'll be reading some of the same books!

    Lucky you meeting up with fellow bloggers. And you already know how envious I am of you getting The Pages in Between :)

  6. Avis,

    You got some great books this week!

    I got Testimony as well..Miriam is the best! I loved No one you know and reviewed it for LT and it was my first review on my blog when I started it a few months ago.
    I am reading The Pages in Between now and I can't put it down. It reads like a novel even though it's a memoir, very well written!

    For some reason, I cannot get Read it Forward to add me to their email list. I've signed up several times and even use different email just in case and nothing! No fair!
    It's not like I don't have enough books to keep me busy!!

    I'll be looking forward to your reviews. I hope that you blog about meeting up with the other bloggers...who are they?! Do tell all the details!

  7. you lucky lucky girl...I wished I received all those books in the mail. Maybe I should start a book blog since I love to read so much:) I am looking forward to reading the book by Michele too!

  8. ooh fun! I got lots of goodies in the past week too. I've heard so many good things about Heretic's Daughter. That sounds like a wonderful book. Enjoy your new books!

  9. That's funny timing, I just read a review of The Heretic's Daughter on Book Escape, it sounds great. I've just added it to my list after reading Karen's review.

  10. Wow! What a lucky lady! Those are some great books!

    I can't wait to read Testimony! I love Anita Shreve!

    I'm also hoping to one day read The Pages in Between and The Heretic's Daughter.

    Anxiously awaiting your reviews!


  11. Thank you for stopping by the 'Mailbox.' I read 'The Heretic's Daughter' back in July and loved it. It's an interesting time in our history that doesn't have much historical fiction written about it. And I've already added 'Tethered' to my wish list thanks to the 'Mailbox'.

  12. Apologies to everyone for not replying to any of your comments all week!

    Dar, I just finished The Heretic's Daughter, so I'll be reviewing it soon. It was an amazing book, the best I've read all year.

    Kathy and Yasmin, I'm so looking forward to reading Testimony! Anita Shreve is one of my favourite writers so I'm super happy to be getting one of her books for free!

    Amy, sign up at LT to read this book! I'm sending it off to someone else first but you could be next!

    Shana, I'm looking forward to comparing notes on Tethered and Testimony!

    Bonnie, I've had the same problem with Read It Forward in that I've never yet gotten any emails from them. However, I've requested two books now and gotten them, so keep requesting!

    Melanie, starting a book blog is lots of fun, but it's also very time-consuming! (I still recommend it though.)

    Thanks, Iliana!

    Jill, I'll have to check out her review once I've written mine. Thanks!

    Thanks, Anna! As I mentioned before, I highly recommend The Heretic's Daughter.

    Marcia, thanks for dropping by too! I'll have to read your review of The Heretic's Daughter too.

    Thank you all for dropping by!