Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Really Random Tuesday: The ABCs of Me

I saw this meme on Marie’s blog, Daisy’s Book Journal (she grabbed it from Cathy at Kittling: Books) and thought it would make a perfect Really Random Tuesday post for you while I’m away at Kripalu (!) for the week. So here goes...

Age: 41

Bed size: Queen

Chore you hate: Pretty much any type of housework, though cleaning the toilet probably ranks lowest (thanks to Mr. B, it’s not something I do very often!)

Dogs: Nope. I’m a cat person. I miss my Thelma every day, but I’m happy to share my life (and my lap) with Cairo.

Essential start to your day: After getting out of bed? Peeing is first on the list, followed soon after by feeding the cat.

Favourite colours: Orange and red

Gold or silver: Silver, though I wear a gold opal ring that used to belong to my nana

Height: 5’5’’

Instruments you play(ed): Piano, once upon a time, long long ago. I also learned to play a djembe, but I’m shy about playing in front of anybody.

Job title: Freelance translator (French to English)

Kids: None

Live: Montreal

Mother’s name: Ann (that’s where the “annschild” comes from in my username)

Nicknames: None. (The only nickname I know of for Avis is Ave, which is my aunt’s name.)

Overnight hospital stays: Can’t remember any.

Pet peeves: Books that contain misused words, sloppy spelling

Quote from a movie: “Yummy yummy!” (from Gosford Park directed by Robert Altman: the Maggie Smith character says it in anticipation of breakfast in bed at Gosford Park)

Right- or left-handed: Right

Siblings: Two younger sisters

Time you wake up: Do I have to answer this question? 9-ish on weekdays. (Thank goodness I work from home.)

Underwear: What about it? (Yes, I wear underwear, if anybody really wants to know.)

Vegetable you hate: Mushrooms (except for portabellas and maybe porcini—I’m undecided about those), though I’m not sure mushrooms qualify as vegetables. Cabbage. Brussel sprouts. Raw tomatoes and onions (cooked are fine).

What makes you run late: Life

X-rays you’ve had: Dental

Yummy food that you make: Vegetarian carbonara (Mr. B and I made up the recipe)

Zoo animal: Giraffe, though zoos make me feel sad. (If we’re talking exotic animals in general, I’d have to go with the blue-footed booby!)


Really Random Tuesday is hosted by Suko at Suko’s Notebook. Feel free to join in, copy the button and link back to Suko’s blog.

The blue-footed booby pic is courtesy of Hans Stieglitz via the Wikimedia Commons site. It is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 licence.


  1. Awesome! It's amazing what you can learn about people just from a few questions.

    FWIW, I don't like playing in front of people either. I'm pretty sure that mushrooms are veggies. ;) And...I totally forgot about dental xrays!

  2. Are you sure your favorite colors aren't maroon and orange? Reading more about you was fun!

  3. Avis, interesting meme combo! Thanks for including RRT. I could not live without white mushrooms, cooked or raw. :)

  4. Oh, I would love to know what you put into the vegetarian carbonara! Because my husband loves carbonara, but I won't use bacon (Babe and all...) Maybe you could post the recipe sometime?

  5. Great post! I would love to work from home, maybe one day. I'm a dog person, but I have two cats as well.

  6. Great idea for a Random Tuesday post. I hate housework too. I'd much rather be outside.

  7. Ha! That was fun to read...keep doing it!!