Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Really Random Tuesday: Calling All Montreal Book Bloggers & Book Lovers

Are you a book blogger living in the Greater Montreal area? Are you interested in meeting other local book bloggers to swap books, exchange ideas and possibly organize events? Cat at Beyond Books recently created a Facebook group called Montreal Book Bloggers—so far there are 15 of us in the group! (See my MBB blog roll on the right.) We’re planning our first get-together on July 23—email me at shereadsandreads[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like to join us!

For any of my local readers, the Montreal Book Bloggers group has also created a Montreal Book Lovers page on Facebook. We’ll have a better idea of what we’ll be doing with this page after we meet, but in the meantime, please check it out!

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Really Random Tuesday is hosted by Suko at Suko’s Notebook. Feel free to join in, copy the button and link back to Suko’s blog.


  1. Totally jealous, sounds like fun. I hope and know you will all have a good time.

  2. How exciting! I wish I could find some book bloggers near me.

  3. Thanks for doing this meme, Avis. I have a new button, so please stop by. I will link to this post. :)

  4. How nice! I wish there was something like this here and I would have definitely joined in the fun!

  5. Stopping by from Suko's Noterbook where I saw your blog mentioned. Nice to have met you, I've enjoyed my visit.