Wednesday, October 8, 2008

“Win It” Wednesday

Since I’ve won six books in the past three weeks plus Boston Bibliophile has said she will send me her copy of An Exact Replica of a Figment of my Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken
(thanks, Marie!), I’m feeling a bit like I should stop entering giveaways. But then there are a few that are just too good to pass up...

iubookgirl at Reader for Life is giving away a copy of The Gifted Gabaldón Sisters by Lorraine López. Click here for more details. Deadline is October 15.

Booking Mama, She Is Too Fond of Books and Bookroom Reviews are giving away up to 16 copies of Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. Click here, here and here for more details. Deadlines are October 11, 16 and 17, respectively.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so Meg at 1st Books: Stories of How Writers Get Started is urging all women over 40 to schedule their first or annual mammogram. She is also giving away copies of Cancer Is a Bitch by Gail Konop Baker, The Last Beach Bungalow by Jennie Nash and Doctor Olaf van Schuler’s Brain by Kirsten Menger-Anderson. Click here for more details. Be sure to read Gail and Jennie’s fabulous posts! (Click on the book images below to go directly to each post. Kirsten’s post is not up yet.)


  1. Congratulations! Winning books is so much fun!

  2. Thanks, Kathy. Did you stop entering giveaways when you were on a winning streak? I feel greedy for continuing, but I have a hard time stopping myself!

  3. I just finished The Gifted Gabaldon Sister and it's great!

  4. Avis,

    I'm in the same boat...I've been very fortunate to win so many great books and I have many more to read! I can't stop entering giveaways for books that I want to read...they draw me in like a magnet!!

  5. Avis - congratulations on all your wins!

    Thanks for promoting my *Sarah's Key* giveaway.

    Kudos to Meg for encouraging mammograms. If you are due for one, pick up the phone and make that appointment NOW

  6. When I started entering giveaways, I only entered giveaways of signed books. But now I enter lots of contests mostly to support my fellow bloggers (I love it when people enter mine after all) and if I happen to win, all the better!

  7. Glad to hear you enjoyed The Gifted Gabaldon Sisters, Shana!

    Bonnie and Lenore, thanks for encouraging me to continue to enter giveaways! I hadn't thought of it in terms of supporting other bloggers, but that's a good way to look at it!

    Thanks, Dawn. I'm glad to see I remembered to enter your giveaway too. Sometimes I blog about them here and then forget to enter them myself!

  8. I hope you enjoy the McCracken book :-)